It’s Stage IV Colon Cancer

This is the email I sent to friends and family on July 17.  Josh couldn’t bring himself to write an update to his previous email because he couldn’t write that his wife had Stage IV colon cancer (with all that that implies).  So I took it upon myself to do so since I didn’t want to leave people hanging with worry. More

What Was Removed — Don’t Look If You’re Gonna Be Queasy

This is what was taken out of me.  A piece of my colon that is over a foot long removed through an incision four inches long.  Medicine is amazing.  Shout out to my amazingly skilled and compassionate surgeon, who incidentally is my age.   Wow do I feel unaccomplished.


The Beginning

Josh sent this email out to our friends and family on July 9, 2013, at which point we knew with absolute certainty that I had colon cancer (despite the slight hedging in the email). Those first days in the hospital were dark, full of shock, pain (physical and otherwise), confusion and, most of all, fear. Josh and I still relive those days, hours, minutes and seconds in our own version of post traumatic stress syndrome. More