[For once, I have good news. So read on.]

I love Roger Federer. For those of you who don’t know, he is, most would say, the greatest male tennis player of all time (“GOAT”).  I’m more of a Federer fan than I am a tennis fan.  It all started when I met Josh, who was and is a lover of all sports (other than hockey and soccer), but tennis seemed to throw him especially into alternating periods of gut-wrenching anxiety and euphoria, and Roger Federer especially so.  He would watch Wimbledon or the Australian Open matches on tape delay and absolutely despair when Federer dropped a set.  I didn’t know anything about Federer back then and thought Josh was just crazy; how stupid to care so much about two men hitting a tiny ball back and forth.  I’d secretly go on line and find out Federer had won the watch – Josh hates watching sports with anyone who already knows the outcome – and then tell Josh lovingly, “It’s going to be okay, honey.”  Then Federer was in his prime and racking up Grand Slam titles at an astounding pace as he sought to beat Pete Sampras 14 Grand Slam record.  Josh, as do most people, loves to watch dominance, to marvel at human physical excellence, and Roger Federer was a prime example of the incredible feats that the human body is capable of.  My feigned interest in basketball and football disappeared after we got engaged and then married, but my love for Federer persisted. More