I must apologize to all the family and friends who have left me voicemail and text messages and sent me emails since the disclosure of my most recent not-so-good news, to which I have not responded. I will explain in this post why I’ve been nonresponsive. As usual, I am being brutally honest, as part of my commitment in maintaining this blog, to give voice to all those I know who feel as I do, and to depict the dark side of cancer and debunk the overly sweet, pink-ribbon-like façade of positivity and fanciful hope and rah-rah-rah cheerleading asinine nonsense spewed by cancer patients and others that I absolutely loathe. I believe, as I have always believed, that in honesty – a brutal yet kind and thoughtful honesty – we ultimately find not vulnerability, shame and disgrace, but liberation, healing and wholeness. I hope my family and friends do not take offense at that honesty. More