I’ve been back from the Galapagos for about ten days.  It was a great experience worthy of an in depth and thoughtful blog post containing my reflections on the wonders of those islands.  That is forthcoming.  However, since my return, there’s been a fair amount happening on the medical front that has been consuming my time and attention during the last few days.  So I felt it time to provide a quick update.  I feel rather disingenuous communicating with my family and friends without them knowing what’s really going on.  So here is the not-so-good news.  More

How Far I’ve Come

The bags are packed and everyone is sound asleep.  I love this quiet time in the wee hours of the morning when I am alone with my thoughts, when no one disturbs me with his or her needs and wants.  In these hours, I sit alone reading or watching TV or writing.  The silence of the night that envelops me allows my mind to go to places to which I cannot go during the brightness and noise of the day.  My mind ventures into territory that only I can know, to my innermost self, to my past and my future, to those places of regret and sorrow and joy and longing.  And yes, it is in these hours that I often feel I am truly beginning the journey away from my children and husband and this life, toward the next life or the Great Beyond or the Undiscovered Country or whatever you want to call “it”  Sometimes, my thoughts frighten me but mostly I treasure the insights that come from these rare and special minutes and hours.

On this early morning,  I want to invite you briefly into my contemplative world and so I write.  More