It’s Time…

It’s time for me to start a blog.   Not very original these days, I know, but I’m doing so for several reasons.  First of all, I get multiple emails, texts, phone calls, cards, etc., daily asking how I’m doing or wishing me and my family well.  It gets a bit challenging to respond to everyone and I can’t remember what I’ve said to whom.  And I know there are lots of people out there wondering but who haven’t asked, so the blog can serve as a place to check in.  I am so grateful to have enough people who care about me, Josh and the girls that I even feel the need to start a blog.  So thank you once again for all the support.

Second, I want to keep a record for Mia and Belle, especially if this cancer-fighting journey doesn’t end in the way that we all hope it ends.  I want my little girls to know who their mother is.   And nothing will show them that more than reading for themselves what their mother is made of as I battle my most formidable enemy.

And finally, I want to carve out my own little space out there to express my sadness, anger, joy, hope, despair and slew of other emotions that comes with living with cancer.  I’ve been sending periodic emails and private Facebook messages to family and friends, but I feel kind of bad bombarding folks with emails and messages.  This blog exists for folks to read if they so choose.

So, with a great big inhale, here goes…


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